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Ayse Taspinar Gatenyo
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Dr. Ayse Taspinar Gatenyo is a renowned pianist and artist, dedicateci to fostering cross cultura! unity through music. With extensive travels across Europe, Asia, and the Uniteci States, she possesses a diverse cultura! background, enabling effective communication with individuals from various realms. As a fluent multilingua! virtuoso in English, ltalian, French, and Turkish, Ayse effortlessly connects with diverse audiences. She passionately shares and unites people through music, captivating as both a speaker and pianist.

Notably, Ayse delivered an acclaimed presentation at the Soka Gakkai lnternational Culture of Peace Resource (enter in Los Angeles, exploring the shared cultura! heritage of Armenians and Turks through music.

Ayse's educational journey includes a Bachelor of Music from Bilkent University, Diploma di Pianoforte from Conservatorio di Milano, a Master of Music, and a Professional Diploma {P.D) from Indiana University. Furthermore, she attained a Doctor of Musical Arts {D.M.A) from UCLA under the guidance of the esteemed mentor Vitaly Margulis, complemented by the recognition of a W. Ulmer Dissertation Fellowship.

After graduating from UCLA, Ayse continued her musical development under the guidance of Svetlana Navassardyan, further enriching her artistic journey.

As a cultura! visionary, Ayse founded Apricot Music & Art, dedicateci to cross-cultura! understanding through performing arts, especially music. This cultura! movement acts as a catalyst, fostering empathy and cross cultura! engagement through various exchange programs. Their mission is epitomized in their unique album, "Keys far Unity'', where the piano pieces performed on the recording are part of Dr. Ayse Taspinar Gatenyo's doctoral dissertation. Notably, Edgar Manas's "Les lles des Princes" and R. Blanchet's "Turquie" pieces had never been recorded before, adding a unique dimension to their musical journey.

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