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After a long experience in the Italian musical context, the music publishing “Fuori Rotta Music” has oriented his musical path towards “cultured” music. During the recordings of a work of classical music we got to know our artistic director Raffaele Cacciola. Helped by his long experience in the field of recordings as a sound engineer, having taken care of the works of many of the most important chamber esemble soloists and international orchestras (such as Giovanni Sollima, Massimo Quarta, Enrico Bronzi, Roberto Cominati, Roberto Plano, Maurizio Baglini, Fabrizio Meloni, Javier Girotto, Mario Marzi, Filippo Arlia, I Virtuosi della Scala, il Quartetto della Scala, Il Trio Italiano and many others) and having collaborated with the most prestigious international Labels, we have created the “Movimento Classical” record label. The main features of this record label are the enhancement of the young talents, an important part of the recording program is in fact dedicated to the most talented young prospects, and the search for quality record product, with a continuous attention to the sound and to the sonic balance of the recordings.

Raffaele Cacciola

Artistic director
He studied Piano Composition and Electronic Composition at the "G.Verdi" Conservatory in Milan, where he graduated with full marks and honors. Among his teachers appear: N. Castiglioni, F. Donatoni, L. Berio, P. Molino, R. Sinigaglia. He is the founder and the Artistic Director of the Italian Contemporary Ensemble, created by M Abbado. Winner of national and international awards, his compositions have been performed all over the world by the best performers and have been recorded on CD. In January 1993 he was awarded the "Anassilaos" award for the music. In October 1995 for the Opera "La Scarpa di Colombo", he was awarded the “Civiltà del Mare 1995” award. Also active in the music industry, he has played various roles of responsibility within institutions, exhibitions, magazines, foundations and record companies. He collaborates as Sound Engineer with different record labels such as Amadeus, Concerto, Ega Wen, Tactus, BBMR, Suonare, Sei Corde, Agorà, Col Legno, Fono Forum, etc. Founder of the Contemporary Music Ensemble; he has created a studio specialized in high-level classical music, the Bartok Studio, in which many Italian and foreign labels (of which he cares both the sound and the artistic direction) record. Since June 2003 he organizes, for the Autonomous Province of Trento and the municipality of Cles, the International Music Courses and the Music Season as Artistic and Musical Director. In July 2007 he organized ,for the municipality of Cinigiano, the international music courses and the musical season as Artistic Director. Since August 2001 he is the professor of electronic composition and musical theatre at the international music courses held in Badia Prataglia, Cles and Cinigiano.
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